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Isuzu Amigo
Isuzu Amigo
Isuzu Amigo

The Isuzu Wizard is a mid-size SUV that was produced by the Japan-based manufacturer Isuzu. The five-door Wizard was introduced in 1990 after the three-door Isuzu MU from 1989, both of which stopped production in 2004. Isuzu manufactured several variations to the Wizard/MU for sale in other countries. In North America, it was introduced in 1989 as the three-door Isuzu Amigo.

The Amigo made a comeback in the U.S. for 1998 with the second generation model alongside a redesigned Rodeo. Both the Amigo and Rodeo were built in the assembly plant in Lafayette, Indiana. Amigo came standard with a soft top.

The Amigo was renamed in 2001 to "Rodeo Sport" to complement the more successful five-door Rodeo. The Amigo series was produced until 2003.