Ford Crown Victoria Remote Programming

The Ford Crown Victoria (or simply Crown Vic) is a rear-wheel drive full-size sedan that was marketed and manufactured by Ford Motor Company; it was produced from the 1992 to the 2012 model years over two generations. The durability associated with its layout popularized the use of the Ford Crown Victoria with taxicab and fleet owners going on to become one of the most commonly used police patrol/pursuit vehicles in North America.  All models of the Ford Crown victoria were on-board programmable, meaning a person could program the keyless entry remote key fob with no special equipment other than the keyless entry remote key fob programming instructions

While the car has been highly rated for safety, there was some controversy and lawsuits in the 1990s and 2000s over Ford Crown Victoria (and its Mercury and Lincoln counterparts) gas tank leaks after certain types of high speed impacts, specifically when being hit in the rear end at high speeds. Despite numerous court cases charging Ford with partial liability for fires caused in accidents, the company has never been found liable in a Ford Crown Victoria accident.  Although the Ford Crown Victoria is no longer being produced, we will still continue provide the keyless entry remote key fob programming instructions.