Ford Explorer Remote Programming

The Ford Explorer is a sport utility vehicle produced by the American manufacturer Ford since 1990. It is manufactured in Chicago, Illinois. It was also assembled in Hazelwood, Missouri until the plant closed on March 10, 2006. The Ford Explorer was instrumental in turning the SUV from a special interest vehicle into one of the most popular vehicle types on the road. The model years through 2010 were traditional body-on-frame, mid-size SUVs. For the 2011 model year, Ford moved the Explorer to a more modern unibody, full-size crossover SUV/crossover utility vehicle platform. For the 3rd generation (beginning in 2002), a third row seat became available for the first time, bringing total passenger capacity to seven.

The 2011 Ford Explorer was named North American Truck of the Year.
To compete with other police SUVs that are sold by other automobile companies, Ford has made a special version of the Explorer that's only available to law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and EMS agencies. Ford calls it the Explorer Special Service Vehicle (SSV). The only differences between the standard Explorer and the Special Service Vehicle Explorer are provisions for emergency services related equipment such as radios, lightbars and sirens. There are also options designated fleet only such as custom 2 tone paint arrangements that are available to the Explorer Special Service Vehicle.