Ford Explorer Sport Trac Remote Programming

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac, sometimes referred to as simply the Ford Sport Trac, was a mid-size sport utility truck (SUT) sold mostly in North America produced by the Ford Motor Company from 2000 through 2010, with the exception of no 2006 model. The Sport Trac was based on the Ford Explorer SUV.  During its first year on sale in the U.S., there was a waiting list of over 3 months. It was technically the first body-on-frame sport utility truck.
On July 27, 2009, Ford, concerned with the declining sales of the Sport Trac, made the announcement that it would end production after the 2011 model year, but a year later on July 30, 2010, it announced that it was discontinuing the Sport Trac earlier than expected, after the 2010 model year and will not offer a 2011 model as it prepares to shift production of the next generation Explorer to its Chicago plant. The last Sport Trac rolled off the assembly line on October 29, 2010, though sales of the 2010 model continued through 2011.