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Lincoln Mark LT
Lincoln Mark LT
Lincoln Mark LT

The Mark LT is a luxury pickup truck by Lincoln, the luxury division of the American automaker Ford Motor Company. It first went on sale in January 2005 for the 2006 model year. The Mark LT is essentially a rebadged version of the popular Ford F-150 truck with a more luxury-oriented cabin.

Lincoln had hoped to sell 13,000 Mark LTs annually in the United States. The Mark LT was one of the most heavily-discounted new cars in the United States, with dealers sometimes selling them at more than $10,000 below the MSRP. Ford ceased sales of the Lincoln Mark LT in the United States and Canada after the 2008 model year. In its place, Ford created an upper-end trim of the 2009 F-150 called Platinum.

Despite its cancellation in the United States, the Mark LT continues to be sold in Mexico, where it is the brand's best-selling model.

J.D. Power Quality listed the Mark LT as overall dependability for all 3 years it was manufactured as "among the best" (with a minimum 4 stars for the 2006 variant in initial quality).