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Oldsmobile Regency
Oldsmobile Regency
Oldsmobile Regency
Oldsmobile Regency

A midyear version of the 1972 4-door hardtop named the Regency was produced to commemorate Oldsmobile's 75th year as an automaker. In 1973 the non-anniversary Regency stayed in the line up slotted just above the LS. The Regency package would remain available on the Ninety Eight throughout the 1996 model year when it would become a separate model nameplate.

After the demise of the Ninety-Eight in 1996, Oldsmobile added the Regency to the 1997 and 1998 lineups, which used the same front fenders and chrome grille as the Ninety-Eight sedan but kept the standard Eighty-Eight body. A driver's side electrochromic outside mirror was also standard on the Regency, a feature that even Cadillac didn't offer as standard equipment.

The last Oldsmobile Regency rolled off the assembly line on June 18, 1998.