Scion TC Remote Programming

The Scion tC is a sport compact coupe manufactured by Toyota and sold under their Scion division in North America, introduced in the United States in June 2004 and 2010 for Canada. According to Scion, tC stands for touring coupe.

Beginning in 2011, the tC is sold as the Toyota Zelas in the Middle East, China, Central America and South America, a name derived from "zelante," Italian for "passionate" or "zealous." It is not sold in Japan or in any other right-hand drive market.

Beginning in late spring 2004, Scion launched the Release Series (RS) line, limited quantities of their current vehicles pre-packaged with individual numbered badging, exclusive accessories, and other special features. Their exterior colors were bright hues (i.e. orange, yellow, red, blue, green).

In terms of sales, the Scion tC was once Scion's most popular model and from 2005 to 2007 accounted for almost half of all cars sold under Scion. Its best selling year was 2006.

With the demise of the Toyota Celica, the Scion tC was used for the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race held during the Long Beach Grand Prix from 2006 to 2012, when it was replaced with the FR-S. In June 2012, Christian Rado used a Team Need for Speed AWD Scion tC at the Palm Beach International Raceway for a lap record of 1:20.810 minutes.