1995 Chrysler LHS Keyless Entry Remote Fob Programming Instructions


1995 Chrysler LHS Keyless Entry Remote Fob Programming Instructions 


97 service manual says to:
1 find data kink connector under steering column.
2 turn ignition on
3 ground pin 1 upper left most pin this is the programming line.
the door locks will lock then unlock.
4 press any key on the transmitter, locks will cycle to confirm
if you have a second transmitter press any button, wait for lock to cycle.
5 remove ground from pin 1
6 Done, test it out
By the way replacement transmitter battery is a CR 2016 Radio Shack has them.


Remove the bezel to the right of the steering wheel that has an a/c vent and the traction control switch (or not) and unplug (or find) the traction control connector. Place a jumper between pins 1 and 4 to place the receiver in teach mode. Operate the power door lock button on the door and push the lock/unlock button on the fob. If you have 2 fobs, do the 2nd one as well, it will remember 2. Replace the connector and bezel.

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