2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob Programming Instructions

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How to Program a 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Keyless Entry Remote Fob Smart Key

Step by Step How to Programming Instructions:
1.  Turn the ignition to ACC or ON and the radio to off. Do not crank the engine.

2.   Press and hold the DISP button on the radio for at least five seconds until settings is displayed.

3.   Press the SEEK up or down arrows until FOB PROG appears on the display.

4.    Press the PREV or NEXT button to enter the submenu. The current selection will have an asterisk next to it. BEGIN will be displayed.

5.    Press the DISP button to start programming. When the message PUSH FOB flashes, press and hold the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the first transmitter at the same time for 15 seconds. A chime will be heard to verify the transmitter is learned.

6.  Repeat Step 5 for each additional transmitter up to four remotes total. You do not need to press the DISP button again, just press down the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the next transmitter to be learned to a maximum of four transmitters per vehicle.

The mode you selected is now set. You can either exit the programming mode by following the instructions later in this section or program the next feature available on your vehicle.

EXIT (Exit Feature Customization Mode): This feature allows you to exit the vehicle customization programming.
To Exit:

1. Scroll until EXIT appears on the display.

2. Press the DISP button to exit programming. A chime will he heard to verify the exit.