2004 Subaru Baja Keyless Entry Remote Fob Programming Instructions

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How to Program a 2004 Subaru Baja Keyless Entry Remote Fob
Step by Step How to Program Instructions:
1. Disarm the security system if equipped.
2. Open the drivers door and sit in the drivers seat.
3. Close the drivers door. 
4. Place the ignition key in the ignition switch and cycle the switch from LOCK to ON ten times within 15 seconds. Be sure to stop at the LOCK position and leave the key in the ignition when you are done. The horn will sound once to indicate that you are in programming mode.
5. You must finish the next steps within 45 seconds of the horn honking.
     A. Open the drivers door.
     B. Close the drivers door.
     C. Press and release any button on the remote. The horn will sound two times to indicate that the remote has been programmed.
6.  After programming your remote, remove the key from the ignition. The horn will sound three times to indicate the system is now out of programming mode.
Note: You may program up to four remotes at any one time. If you have two remotes programmed and you lose one remote, reprogram the remaining remote four times to clear the code for the lost remote until you can replace it. Do not program your remotes with other Subaru vehicles in the vicinity, you may be unknowingly programming someone else's remote for your vehicle.