2008 Ford Taurus Keyless Entry Remote Fob Programming Instructions

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How to Program a 2008 Ford Taurus Keyless Entry Remote Fob

Step by Step How to Program Instructions:
NOTE: This procedure will only program the remote portion of the key/remote.

1. Close all doors and then open drivers door and press the UNLOCK button on drivers door panel while door is open and insert key in ignition.

2. Turn ignition from OFF to RUN 8 times within 10 seconds, with the 8th time ending in RUN. Door locks will cycle to confirm programming mode.

3. Within 20 seconds press any button on first keyless remote. Door locks will cycle to confirm programming.

4. Within 20 seconds, press any button on second keyless remote. Door locks will cycle again to confirm programming.

5. Turn ignition to OFF. Locks will again cycle to indicate end of programming mode. 

To program the key portion of the key you must have two working keys. If you only have one working key then you will have to have a locksmith program a second key with special equipment or Buy Programmer here.
To program the key portion:
1. Insert an existing working key into the ignition cylinder.

2. Turn the ignition cylinder to ON (RUN) and back to OFF.

3. Remove the existing working key and, within five seconds, insert a second working key and turn it to ON (RUN) then back OFF.

4. Remove second working key and insert the new key before ten seconds have elapsed and turn it to ON (RUN). Leave it on for one second and turn back to OFF.

5. The security light will light up for three seconds to indicate that the new key has been successfully programmed.