2011 Subaru Forester Keyless Entry Remote Fob Smart Key Programming Instruction

How to Program a 2011 Subaru Forester Keyless Entry Remote Fob Smart Key
Step by Step How to Programming Instructions:
Note: A maximum of 4 remote key fobs can be programmed at one time. Deactivate alarm if fitted. Locate and record the remote ID number either from the package if new or open up remote if used and there will be a label showing the code that will be needed to program remote.
1. Confirm all doors including the trunk are shut.

2. Get in the DRIVER'S seat and close the door. (all doors shut) and immediately proceed to next step.

3. Turn the ignition from LOCK to ON (10) times you have 15 seconds to do this. The vehicle will respond with the lights flashing and an audible tone emitted. This is to confirm the vehicle is in programming mode. If you do not see the light or hear the noise get out of the vehicle and then start the process over.

4. OPEN the CLOSE the DRIVER's side door the noise will continue now to confirm the vehicle is still in programming mode.
5. Refer back to the 8 digit code. While you still hear the noise, on the DRIVER's side door panel press the LOCK button the number of times as the first digit. Once you have pressed it the correct number of times press UNLOCK to go to the next digit. Do this for all 8 digits. Once you finish all 8 digits PUSH THE UNLOCK BUTTON ONCE.

For example if the code was: 12345678 (use your code this is for an example only)

You would press LOCK once then UNLOCK...LOCK twice then UNLOCK...LOCK three times then
UNLOCK and so on.

6. YOU NOW MUST DO STEP 5 AGAIN. Enter the 8 digit code on the DRIVER'S side door. Once you enter the 8th digit you will hear a tone for 30 seconds.

7. If you have any additional remotes to program you must repeat steps 3-6 for each additional remote. If you have no additional remotes proceed to step 8.

8. REMOVE key. Programming is now complete. 
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