1997 Chevrolet Venture Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob Programming Instructions

Follow these free keyless entry remote key fob programming instructions for 1997 Chevrolet Venture.

 1. Remove key from ignition switch.

 2. Remove the MALL PGM fuse, from fuse box

 3. Close all doors.

 4. Turn ignition switch to ACC.

 5. Within 1 second turn the ignition switch to OFF then back to ACC

 6. Open and close drivers door.

 7. A chime will sound indicating you are in programming mode.

 8. Press and hold the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons together until chime sounds twice,  about 14 seconds.
 9. Repeat step 8 for any additional remotes.

10. Remove key from ignition and replace MALL PGM fuse.

11. Test remotes.

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