2007 Subaru Forester Keyless Entry Remote Fob Programming Instructions

How to Program a 2005 Subaru Forester Keyless Entry Remote Fob
Step by Step How to Programming Instructions:
Note: A maximum of 4 remote key fobs can be programmed at one time. Deactivate alarm if fitted. Locate and record the remote ID number either from the package if new or open up remote if used and there will be an 8 digit code that will be needed to program remote.
1. Open drivers door enter vehicle and close drivers door.
2. Within 15 seconds turn key to the ON position and back to LOCK 10 times. An acoustic signal is emitted once to indicate programming mode has been activated. Another continuous acoustic signal will follow and interior lamp will flash until programming is complete.
Note: If an error occurs during programming, the acoustic signal will stop, the interior lamp will go out and the programming will need to be started again. 
Within 45 seconds:
3. Open and close driver's door. An acoustic signal is emitted until the ID number is entered.
4. Press the LOCK button on the door panel the same number of times as the first digit on the remote ID code.
5. When the digit has been entered press the UNLOCK button on the door panel.
6. Repeat procedure with each digit in the remote ID code counting from left to right.
7. Repeat programming procedure for the entire ID number a second time.
8. An acoustic signal is emitted once to indicate programming complete.
Repeat ID number entering procedure for any additional remotes to be programmed and test remotes. 
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